Be amazed by the Ice Tower’s finest residential-offices facilities/amenities that will provide comfort and luxury amid everyone’s busy activity! The central lobby at the Ice Tower has a spacious interior designed by Plus Architecture. This Australian firm is a well-known company for its dynamic yet well-planned designs across the globe. Here are just some of the amazing features the Ice Tower RESO provides:

Office Amenities/Facilities

Being a residential-office tower, the Ice will not melt the entrepreneur’s desire to keep up with the modern tech world. The Ice Tower has too many accesses to business services that make your enterprise grow so fast! A receptionist area is available for residential and office use. It has lounge areas for business and clients and a personal space exploiting the natural ventilation and light.

The offices have a fiber-optic internet connection that harnesses the flawless transition of communication even from your foreign clients. The offices have state-of-the-art meeting rooms with modern machines and services for secretarial and virtual assistants. These features ensure that your business runs smoothly without a hitch.

The tower’s business hub has well-resourced working spaces servicing all types of business forums. The meeting rooms are convertible into ideation rooms, virtual rooms, function halls, or training rooms with a minimal fee. The building also has a social room where unit owners can socialize with their clients or employees in a friendly environment. To address the needs of an entrepreneur: the business hub can organize as an on-demand business support service. With these design breakthroughs, you ensure that your business will run as planned.

Residential Amenities/Facilities

Success in life is every entrepreneur’s dream. SMDC is helping you achieve this by allowing you to invest in Ice Tower RESO: a brand-new living and work experience unlike no other. But the investment does not only provide great success and improved income: the property is also a tool to keep you and the family together in happiness. At the end of a busy workday, keep your mind and body healthy at the wellness hub and the fitness gym.

Once the body rejuvenates, have endless bonding with your children or partner while swimming at the central pool: while the kids enjoy the kiddie pool. Seek another day of self-healing at the meditation garden or have a break at the terrace deck. In the evening: have a grand night out at the Sky Lounge at the top of the Ice. Here, you can relax amid the views of the majestic Manila Bay, the dynamic MOA complex, and the eagle’s eye view of the metropolis.  

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